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Profile Powerful Copy with an EdgeYour words aren’t just pixels on your website.
They’re the lifeblood of your success.

Whether clients are finally coming to you, you’re rightfully earning your worth, or you’re out shopping for the latest trends without worrying about price tags, your success comes from the powerful words splayed across your site.

You aren’t weak.
…or even unmotivated.

You’re just built for what you do best – your business, your art.

You’ve managed to woo clients (and bring in some good ones), but you had to go out searching for them. They didn’t come to you like they do for the big guys in your industry.

You’ve managed to reel in some of those you’ve contacted, but they’ve nickeled and dimed you way down from the fees you’re worth.

And you’ve even got a few projects lined up, but not nearly enough to foot your fetish for the latest flavor of the month.

But the problem is, your current level of success isn’t where you want to be. It isn’t who you know you are inside. You’re bound for so much more than begging for gigs and negotiating for pennies.

The copy on your site needs to reflect that.

Here’s where Badass’D Biz+Ink comes in.

Shed that timid skin that’s scrawled across your site and shine in all the glory that is you with Badass’D Ink. With copy that resonates with your ideal clients, you’ll book more work, sell more products, and make more moula.

Business will no longer be about begging for clients and petty, soul-depleting negotiations. It’ll be about the success you deserve (you know, buying your favorite shoes without guilt, going out with the guys and actually buying the rounds, or sliding into the ride you’ve wanted for so long).

It’ll be about finally going out with friends and not flinching when it’s your turn to buy.
It’ll be about having to book clients two weeks out from the date of contract signings.
It’ll be about finally earning what you’re worth.

Finally rest easy at night knowing where your next project is coming from.

In short, with copy from Badass’D Biz+Ink, you’ll:

  • Connect with potential clients and readers on an emotional level (so they’ll stick with you, not your competition).
  • Be able to finally focus on creating products and services you’re amazing at and not have to worry about the yucky copy part that always makes you uncomfortable.
  • Rest assured you’re investing in the growth of your biz and not squandering hard-earned dollars on copy that won’t resonate.
  • Feel a little smug knowing you’ve arrived at the place where you can and should hire out work that you don’t want or like to do.
  • Be seen as an authority in your industry so customers have confidence working with you.

Display the confident, authoritative you that hooks more clients and sells more products so you can do the work that matters to you.

John Kamal 150x150 Powerful Copy with an Edge“Have you ever been to a website or a blog and felt the passion in every paragraph you read? Those are websites that sell. Websites that speak to you from the heart. This is how Tania writes! She can see things from the client’s point of view, which is sometimes hard from us, especially when it’s our business concept (our baby!).”

– John Kamal and

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